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Sports Medicine

Get back in your game! A full line of sports medicine products, and friendly staff to assist you, we also offer a large selection of products to choose from. With 20 years of experience in the Sports Medicine field, we’ve come to be one of the most trusted authorities in helping athletes get back to […]

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Orthopedic Appliances

Physical disorders such as fractures or spinal injuries can be remedied when movement becomes difficult. When orthopedic appliances are prescribed by a physician, we can help custom fit and quickly ease your discomfort.

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Lymphedema/Venous Disease

We can help with chronic Lymphedema – the swelling of a body part with simple wraps and compression garments. If you have had surgery or radiation or removal of lymph nodes, you may be at risk. We carry a full line of compression therapy products, cutom flat knit and ready-to-wear. IE Mediven, Sigvaris, Bauerfeind, Jobst, Venosan.

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